A Little Bit About LongCrete

When Innovation Became Necessary..

LongCrete was created because we wanted to find a solution. We wanted to cultivate a way of thinking that encouraged patience and forward thinking, as opposed to starting from scratch over and over. So we took what knowledge we had- why concrete sinks- and instead of creating a concrete replacement company, we created a concrete rehabilitation company.

At LongCrete, we don’t skip out on the important details. In fact, the details are exactly what created this company. We made sure not to forget the pattern between faulty water drainage and collapsed concrete. And that in most cases, the age of the concrete doesn’t correlate with the depth it has dropped. That, together with the notion that not everything needs to be replaced to make it functional again, is absolutely why the creation of LongCrete was necessary.

It just doesn’t make sense to replace the concrete when the concrete isn’t the problem. Without the proper solution- like redirecting water drainage, backfilling, or caulk filling- new concrete is held to the same fate as the old concrete. With all this in mind, we set out to form a company based on effective, real solutions.

We’re Looking Out For You:

We don’t want you to have to come back in a few years looking for a new solution. So we make our process as effective as possible by informing all of our clients of the possible sources of their concrete troubles. Eliminate the cause, and there won’t be any effects. Each job requires our skilled team to devise an effective plan with a concrete solution. That’s why we offer free estimates completed in person. And because we are so confident in our product, we provide a free one year warranty to all our clients to ensure they get the best results.

We are proud to say our solution not only provides a solid foundation, but also proves as an eco friendly alternative with an impressive life span. The process is simple, quick, and minimally invasive. Drill, pump, patch. That’s it. Our typical jobs usually take a few hours and provide a stable, firm foundation within an hour of pumping. And we don’t drill huge holes in your concrete either, in fact, they are about the width of a dime and are patched with a matching color cement.

We want to express our gratitude for the immense support we have received for our company as we continue to grow and innovate new and more efficient polyurethane pumping systems. Thank you for spending the time to read about us. If you would like to schedule and estimate you can call our office or schedule an estimate by filling out our free estimate form.