Parks And Trails Machine

To adapt is ultimately to pave a new path to success. And that’s exactly why we developed our Parks and Trails System. We often found our clients requesting estimates for areas that simply were not accessible by our large, day to day machine. When faced with this problem, there are two potential solutions; either buy a longer hose that might┬áreach far enough, or design some sort of compact, lightweight machine that can easily adapt to all sorts of off road concrete projects. Although the latter proved to be a much more challenging task, our hard work paid off. We have created the first polyurethane pumping system that has not only increased mobility, but also allowed LongCrete to expand our customer base to be more variety-friendly. And because we want you to share our excitement for our Parks and Trails System, we do not charge any extra in the case that the usage of our Parks and Trails System is necessary.

We believe we have manufactured the only Parks/Trails Geo foam machine in the country. The differences between a typical road machine and our Parks Machine are ubiquitous. While our 16,000 lb Road Machine is designed for roadway use only, our parks machine is designed to access off road and remote locations with a weight of 4,125 lbs and landscaping tires. The typical road machine is bulky; being 12 feet tall causing damage to trees, and 7 feet wide, not allowing for access anywhere beyond roadways. Our Parks machine is only 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide giving it an advantage in smaller, harder to reach areas.

In this video, we are converting our transferable road machine onto our smaller, 4 foot wide parks and trails system. This unique, one of a kind system enables us to access off road and remote locations where heavy machinery often damages pathways and the surrounding environment. This machine is perfect for accessing golf courses, park trails, bike paths, or any other secluded areas while leaving a significantly smaller footprint.


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