Property Management

Being a property manager is no easy task, and we get that. So, we’ll get straight to the point. You’ve got tenants complaining about sunken sidewalks and driveways- an issue that, though unexpected- you know is serious. The good news is Longcrete’s concrete leveling technique utilizes high density polyurethane foam to make repairs and improve the safety and curb appeal of your community at usually half the cost of replacement.  Our process is simple, quick, and efficient. Most repairs are completed with little disruption to your residents.  And we have flexible scheduling allowing us to work around your calendar.

For tenants with concrete issues located in hard to reach areas, it might be worth your time to read about our Parks And Trails system here. We can also break your estimate up into sections to better aid in choosing areas of most concern. Our team will walk with you to address your concerns, as well as examine and photograph all of your concrete issues.  If the concrete can not be lifted and is beyond repair, we will let you know and your estimate will have an average replacement cost, including haul off and a new slab replacement.