Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Polyurethane Concrete Lifting?

Polyurethane was invented in the 1930’s by Professor Dr. Otto Bayer who further developed it throughout his life. It was discovered that the flexibility of polyurethane could be controlled simply by altering the chemical ratio used. This substance was used as a substitute for rubber in World War II when rubber became hard to obtain and expensive. Currently, it is found in liquid coatings and paints, roller blade wheels, rigid insulation, soft flexible foam, elastic fiber, etc. You may not realize it, but it would be very difficult to live an everyday lifestyle without the use of polyurethane. Longcrete utilizes this everyday material into something long-lasting and useful.

Over time, the fill beneath a concrete slab settles due to poor compaction during the original construction phase, or erodes due to weather issues or rodent damage, etc. Many times, these areas sink and ultimately cause dangerous trip hazards. Our technology works as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs just as we pump beneath the concrete. The polyurethane then rapidly expands and fills numerous voids underneath the concrete and then quickly builds enough pressure to lift the concrete. All of this happens simultaneously, and usually within fifteen minutes the polyurethane has completely hardened. It is faster, cleaner, less invasive and is inexpensive compared to replacing the concrete.



What Are The Steps?

After our team has confirmed a unique plan based on careful measurements, we will then begin the process of lifting the concrete. Our first step is to drill dime sized holes into the affected concrete. This process will have already been determined by our team and will provide us a quick and less invasive technique compared to mudjacking. After this, we can immediately begin the pumping process. Our technology allows for an immediate chemical reaction to occur just after pumping beneath the concrete which will void fill and then begin lifting the concrete. Once the concrete is lifted, all that is left to do is fill in the dime size holes with a matching color cement and clean up.



Why A Free Estimate?

Our company was founded on the belief that we should always be giving back to our community. And that means giving our clients an honest and well thought out plan to fix their concrete issues that is not only eco friendly, but time and cost efficient. We provide free estimates as part of our service including an in person meeting with carefully taken measurements, notes, pictures, and any concerns you may have. If your concrete needs to be fixed via replacement, we will call you and let you know. Our estimates last thirty days and are sent by email. You can call our office at (940) 464-2708 or fill out our online form by clicking the link below.



How Long Until I Can Park On My Driveway Again?

Our polyurethane foam system reacts almost immediately after being pumped beneath the concrete, and this reaction allows a rapid expansion that will fill any void underneath before building pressure, lifting the concrete, and hardening. Polyurethane takes about 15 minutes to begin hardening, and after one hour this phase has completed on most jobs. Our team will let you know if your concrete project will take longer to completely harden, however in most cases you will not have to worry. We have a very flexible schedule in order to provide for customers who will need to use the affected area within a certain time frame.