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Lifting a pool deck is no laughing matter. In fact, most of the time our clients are stressed beyond their limits – and rightly so. A collapsed sidewalk is nothing compared to the risk of a collapsed pool deck and possibly damage to the pool itself. That’s where we come in – to stabilize your pool deck once again. Our job is to ensure your pool the critical support needed to guarantee a long life span and durability.

No, we’re not kidding

As a result of extensive hands on research, our team made concrete the relationship between a pool deck’s support and it’s life span. That’s why we make our process readily available – whether it be with our parks and trails system or our free estimate. Especially because in the case of pools, once a portion of an unsupported pool deck has broken off, the consequences are almost always going to be replacement – which can be expensive and aesthetically displeasing. The new concrete color will not ever match the old concrete. Not only that, but there will also be a prominent jagged line defining the differences between the new and old concrete.

Durability, Long Life Span, And Money Saved In The Long Run..

We cannot stress enough how critical it is to make sure your pool is supported. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. Postponing our quick and easy fix can lead to pools cracked down the middle and thousands of gallons of water lost.  We’ve even seen pool decks that have somehow made it to a 45 degree angle. If you find yourself aware of a void or a sinking pool deck, this is not a matter to take lightly. Take some pictures and let us assess the damage and determine the severity of the situation, or schedule an estimate here for an in person walk-through. If there’s no visible void but you are suspecting, call us out to check.


As you can see in this before and after, the void beneath the concrete may not be entirely noticeable at first. However, after closer inspection, we found the concrete to be pretty far along in terms of sinking. By injecting directly beneath the concrete we prevented it from dropping, breaking, and possibly jackknifing into the pool and causing serious damage. Note how much foam it took to ensure stability and lift the deck. Just void filling in itself proves essential in preventing any further damage. In the video below, we are lifting a different pool deck which collapsed almost the entire circumference of the pool, however because the owner called quickly we were able to quickly and cost-efficiently lift their concrete.

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