What You Need To Know:

So, you tripped on that forsaken sidewalk again. Which is weird because you always make it a point to be careful, but somehow it always catches you. Maybe you’re just clumsy. Or maybe that sidewalk keeps sinking. 
Its a common problem, really.  All it takes is some misdirected water or that stinky skunk to make a home somewhere beneath the concrete to trigger an ongoing issue that, in some cases, will render the concrete beyond repair. That’s why we encourage our clients to call at any indication that there  might be a void beneath the concrete. Without first addressing the cause, it would do no good to simply replace the concrete.

A Simple Fix Without Breaking The Bank

We can always rely on sidewalks and driveways as a prime example of the simplicity of our process. However, abstaining from such a simple fix could result in some serious and complicated consequences. If you notice your concrete is sinking, please remember that you will be better off fixing it earlier than later. The earlier you get your concrete supported, the more money you’ll save and the better chance you’ll have at avoiding a complete replacement.




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